Men’s Health and Weight Loss Tip #1: How to Regain Your Prime and Never Lose It Again

Guys, let's face it. Aging is an inevitable process for all of us. However, you don't have to take it "lying down". As a matter of fact, you can literally manage the whole ordeal and either hang on to your body's prime condition or regain that which has been lost for years following a few very basic principles. Eating Habits The first and most important aspect of your prime maintenance program has to...

Intimacy After Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Sexual activity is a key component of healthy adult relationships, but for many men with prostate cancer, expressing this in the traditional sense is not always possible. Despite improved therapies, many men diagnosed with prostate cancer face erectile dysfunction as a side effect of some of the treatment used.  Others may lose their desire for sex as a result of medical therapy — a topic that is often not fully...

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